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New, used and rare books, and original editions of literature and graphic arts

Visit Our New Store!
Arundel Books invites you to visit our beautiful store in Seattle's historic Pioneer Square! Our address is 212 1st Ave S. (between Washington and Main). For booklovers - this was the longtime location of David Ishi's beloved bookstore.

Hours: Our regular business hours are 11am-6pm, Monday through Saturday, and Sundays 12 noon to 5pm. We hope you come visit!

Arundel Books

Welcome to the internet home of Arundel Books. Click here to learn more about us. We have a beautiful retail store in Seattle, with an ever-changing stock of books for readers and collectors.

We stock well over 30,000 titles, and it is easy to search our complete collection from all four locations online. Curious about how we handle our internet orders? Arundel Books was founded in 1984 to publish original editions of literature and graphic arts. We continue to publish work we believe in, and hope you take the opportunity to browse our publications.

Lindsay Hill, Barbara Roether, & Robert Cabot Live at Arundel Books 

Saturday, August 26th brings three great novelists published by McPherson & Co. to read in Seattle. Lindsay Hill, Barbara Roether, and Robert Cabot. Each will be reading and signing. Perfectly chilled refreshments will be served. 5pm to 7pm.

A Beautiful Map of A Beautiful Map of Puget Sound!Map of Puget Sound

Signed copies of a stunning map of our region are now available. Entitled "Puget Sound: a Bird's Eye - View" by noted illustrator and cartographer Annie Brule of Brule Illustration & Design, this is one of the most attractive hand-drawn maps of this area.

This fine original color map is one of only 1000 copies printed, and is signed/autographed by the artist/cartographer. This is a warm, colorful cartographic tribute to Puget Sound, one of America's scenic gems. Eminently suitable for framing. About the artist/cartographer: Ms. Brule's maps and illustrations honor the hand-drawn mark where every image begins, and her designs follow the principle that design should put the viewer in closer contact with the subject, rather than mystifying or merely being clever. 12.5 x 24 inches (vertical).

Price: $15.00 -  
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Leather Bindings and Sets

Visitors to our Seattle bookshop are often stunned by our selection of leather-bound books and sets. They make great gifts for that special someone... (or yourself!).

If you are looking for a special book, do let us know - we are always happy to be of help.

New Publication from Arundel Press

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new book from Arundel Press. James B. Moore's Swan Dive is a poignant collection of poems from the perspective of a man of a certain age...
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"dont you kill him: // at a nightclub  / after midnight  / on New Year's Eve  / with a beautiful much younger woman  / we leave arm in arm, smiling  / a hooker at the next table  / calls our to my date  / “don't you kill him tonight, girl!”  / as we both laugh  / I notice my date's laughter  / is louder"
Handprinted letterpress. A hardcover edition is forthcoming. Softcover Price $45.00  Click to order

Rare Book Gallery

Here is a selection from our diverse stock of rare books.
Arplines is an outstanding example of work by Harry & Sandra Reese of Turkey Press (& Edition Reese). Work by this amazing coiuple features in virtually ever major world collection of creative art in the form of the book.

This stunning artists' book was created by Harry Reese in 1989 / 1990. The writings of Hans Arp have inspired this portfolio of poems, prints, drawings, and collages. Text lines from the poems, letters, interviews, prose writings, and experiences of Arp have been lifted from their original contexts, worked over, translated at times, and then recombined with various new images and objects to make new poems.

"The lines are Arp's, but the poems are mine", Reese declares.

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New Publication: Vanessa Rudloff and Rex Wilder: Beauty and the Books
Beauty and the Books, a portfolio of photographs by Vanessa Rudloff, with accompanying poems by Rex Wilder, is a true creative collaboration between author and artist. The oversized portfolio (17 x 11 inches) of seven signed photographs is accompanied by Wilder's poems in broadside format. The edition is limited to 30 numbered copies. The text was printed letterpress on an Asbern proof press at the Arundel Press studio. The portfolio cases, covered in Japanese silk, are by the Campbell-Logan Bindery in Minneapolis.  PRICE: $750.00 Click to order

As Rudloff says, "Beauty and the Books manifested itself from an errant suggestion to make reading sexy. What could be sexier than lazily reading a book in the nude?" The photographs were shot on location at Arundel Books' store in Seattle. Rex Wilder has been widely published in major English language magazines and reviews. An elegant formalist and leader of the New Romantics, Wilder has been praised for his classical appreciation of the fairer sex
. Photo copyright Rudloff 2009.

Lindsay Hill's "Sea of Hooks" from Arundel Press

Sea of Hooks, the new novel by Lindsay Hill, has brought one of our favorite all-time poets to the attention of the American public - it was recently named by Publisher's Weekly to their Top 10 List for 2013!

We're proud to say we issued the first part of it as a chapbook! Under the same title! Our Sea of Hooks is a poetry chapbook, and is a hand-printed limited edition is signed by author. Of 75 total copies issued, this is one of 55 copies bound in handmade paper (the other 22 have fish-hooks - yes, real fish-hooks - embedded in the cover).

The paper for the covers was was specially made for this edition. The text was hand-printed letterpress on an Asbern Press.Price: $125.00. Click to order

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